Mastering Multisensory Teaching: Orton Gillingham Course for Tutors

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Orton Gillingham Training

Effective teaching methods are not one-size-fits-all; they should adapt to the diverse needs of learners. This is especially true for individuals with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. The Orton Gillingham approach, developed in the early 20th century, has stood the test of time as a powerful tool for helping students overcome reading challenges. This article explores the significance of the Orton Gillingham Training for tutors, which equips educators with the skills to employ multisensory teaching methods and provide personalised support to struggling readers.

Understanding the Orton Gillingham Approach

The Orton Gillingham approach is structured, systematic, and multisensory to teaching reading, spelling, and writing. It was initially developed by Dr. Samuel T. Orton and Anna Gillingham to address the specific learning needs of dyslexic individuals. Over the years, it has proven effective for learners with various reading difficulties, making it a valuable tool for educators and tutors.

Phonics and Decoding Skills

At the heart of the Orton Gillingham approach is a strong emphasis on phonics and decoding skills. Students are taught to recognise and manipulate individual phonemes (speech sounds) and graphemes (written symbols) in words. This phonetic approach helps students break down words into manageable parts, making decoding and reading unfamiliar words easier.

Multisensory Techniques

A hallmark of the Orton Gillingham approach is its use of multisensory techniques. Tutors engage students in activities that involve multiple senses, such as hearing, seeing, and touching. For example, students might use tactile materials to trace letters while simultaneously saying the corresponding sounds aloud. This multisensory approach reinforces learning and accommodates various learning styles.

Individualised Instruction

The Orton Gillingham approach recognises that every student is unique and tailors instruction to meet individual needs. Tutors assess students’ strengths and weaknesses in reading and then develop customised lesson plans to target specific areas of difficulty. This personalised approach ensures that each student receives the support required to succeed.

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

Reading difficulties can often lead to frustration and low self-esteem in learners. The Orton Gillingham approach focuses on improving reading skills and boosting students’ confidence and self-esteem. Successes are celebrated, and students are encouraged to persevere through challenges, fostering a positive attitude towards learning.

Benefits of Orton Gillingham Course for Tutors

Enhanced Teaching Skills

Tutors who undergo the Orton Gillingham course gain a deep understanding of teaching reading effectively. They acquire a toolbox of multisensory techniques and strategies to help struggling readers build essential literacy skills.

Empowerment to Help Diverse Learners

The Orton Gillingham approach equips tutors to assist a wide range of students, from those with dyslexia to individuals experiencing general reading difficulties. Tutors become better prepared to adapt their instruction to fulfil the unique requirements of each learner.

Improved Student Outcomes

Tutors trained in the Orton Gillingham approach often witness significant improvements in their students’ reading abilities. This success benefits the students and enhances the tutor’s reputation and job satisfaction.

Increased Job Opportunities

As the demand for specialised reading instruction grows, tutors with Orton Gillingham Training become highly sought after. They may find more job opportunities in schools, learning centres, and private tutoring settings.

Lifelong Impact

Tutors who use the Orton Gillingham approach can make a lasting difference in their students’ lives. By helping struggling readers unlock the door to literacy, they set their students on a path to academic success and beyond.


The Orton Gillingham course for tutors is a powerful resource for educators passionate about helping struggling readers. This structured and multisensory approach equips tutors with the tools and strategies to address the diverse requirements of learners with dyslexia and additional reading difficulties. By providing personalised instruction, building confidence, and improving literacy skills, tutors trained in the Orton Gillingham approach are crucial in shaping their students’ future, empowering them to become confident and proficient readers.